Sweet Treats with Suzette Cafe

The newest addition to the Lola’s group of cafe is Suzette cafe, which specializes in bakes and pastries while the Lola and On The Table Cafe focuses on brunch food.

Behind this newest kid on the block are the exact same couple behind the other two cafes, the passion for the F&B industry indeed!

“Suzette is our newest concept: Suzette is a thoughtfully curated space created for people to come and enjoy a great cup of coffee and creative, comforting and gratifying desserts. It’s the first coffee and dessert bar for us. One of our main driving force in staying in the F&B industry, is the joy and fulfillment that comes from throwing ourselves into the craft of our food that we make.

This was one of the reasons for opening up a niche concept like Suzette as well: we hope to dedicate ourselves to the craft of desserts and coffee” – June Tan, co-owner of Suzette Cafe.

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