A sister cafe of Lola’s Cafe, On The Table was started by two SMU alumni with a passion for the Food & Beverage Industry. Owners Choo Kiat & June had their first taste of F&B industry where he ran a student cafe in SMU while she helped out at a neighborhood bakery.

It was the gratification and joy they found in the work they were doing then that spurred them on to take this unconventional path after graduating from SMU. One of the biggest challenge they faced was their inexperience and lack of knowledge on the industry norms which they feel is a double-edge sword as they are able to be more creative and innovative in problem solving without any preconceived industry practices. It has been a continuous learning process which have been fulfilling and rewarding for them.

On the table’s interior design is industrial and simple – bright yellow and black furniture against off-white walls. What differentiates them would be a core philosophy that runs through all their cafes (Lola, OTT and their newest venture, Suzette) to put creative, comforting and value for money food and drinks on the table and to strive to treat their customers, staffs and suppliers with authenticity.

“It is pretty fun for customers to have a card that introduces them to the different cafes in Singapore and it feels like we are welcoming these people with a cup of coffee when they are first introduced to us” – June, co-owner of On The Table cafe on why they chose to work with KopiPass.

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