Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe prides themselves to be the first cafe that provides live music with no involvement of alcohol. Started by a group of passionate, dreamers and idealist, the 4 owners of Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe were tired of the corporate world and wanted to start something on their own.

They had a common objective, to promote local talents by providing a platform for local musicians with limited opportunities to perform and showcase their talent.

The interior designing of the cafe was actually done in-house, by the owners themselves. The ambience at Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe is down to earth and simple, an ideal location for a cosy gathering for friends and families for some good quality ice cream and a cup of coffee

By working with KopiPass, Madcow & Ice Cream Music Cafe hopes to not only increase the exposure of their cafe but also to promote the cafe hopping culture in the local scene.

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