So what does Kaw Kaw Cafe stand for? “In Hokkien ‘Gao’ means ‘thick’ which describes our patty. At Kaw Kaw SG we believe in serving our food big, bold and beautifully yummy!” – Hafiz Hanifah, Restaurant Manager of Kaw Kaw SG.

Founded by 3 siblings with the same passion in the F&B industry, Kaw Kaw cafe was started with the intention to provide Good Burgers in the local halal food market which was lacking at that point of time. With no prior F&B experience, the siblings struggled with what first time cafe owners would face but they learnt from their experiences and striven forward which have gotten them where they are today.

Kaw Kaw SG also aims to be the platform to showcase emerging local artists and talented musicians by providing them with the ultimate venue for them to perform. Performance are scheduled every fortnight.

The halal-certified burger joint is actually opened by the folks at Makanstate group, with the aim to become the leading halal food group through the active sourcing for halal food establishment and working with them on expanding their wings, beyond their region of operations. The goal is to elevate the halal food industry to a global level, making it accessible to all Muslims around the world, particularly Singapore.

They chose to work with KopiPass as this platform allows them to share their love for food and drinks with everybody.