Not to be mistaken for Vietnamese coffee, Doi Chaang Coffee Singapore actually originated from Doi Chaang Village, located in the mountainous region of the Chang Rai province of Northern Thailand. Interestingly, the reason why coffee farming started in this village was due to their king mandating the eradication of opium crops in in 1983.

The farmers were then given the highest quality of Arabica coffee plants as they embarked on this new produce. With the optimal conditions of climate, soil composition and geographical position, coffee cultivation soon flourished and became well-established throughout Thailand.

You’ll be surprised to discover that Tracy, the owner of the master franchise for Doi Chaang Coffee in Singapore, was never a coffee drinker herself! At least, not until Doi Chaang coffee. In fact, she tried her very first cup of Doi Chaang Coffee while travelling and was so amazed by the taste and aroma of that cuppa that she knew that she had to bring it back to Singapore.

After obtaining the master franchise from Thailand, Doi Chaang begun its operations in Singapore.

Doi Chaang Coffee has also been honoured with various certifications globally such as USDA Organic, fair trade and geographical indications (GI). Besides, it is shade grown, handpicked, fresh water washed and sun dried. Each bean is hand sorted and freshly roasted to ensure the highest possible quality for each cup of Doi Chaang Coffee. Naturally low in caffeine, it has a complex and flavourful profile that is enhanced and released through detailed cultivating, processing and roasting methods.

One thing to note though, Doi Chaang offers much more than the premium quality of their specialty coffee. They also go beyond fair trade gifting 50% of their profits to the Doi Chaang coffee farmer community in Thailand.

“I felt that KopiPass was a good initiative to promote coffee culture in Singapore” shared Tracy when asked what made her participate in KopiPass.

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