Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe

Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe prides themselves to be the first cafe that provides live music with no involvement of alcohol. Started by a group of passionate, dreamers and idealist, the 4 owners of Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe were tired of the corporate world and wanted to start something on their own.

They had a common objective, to promote local talents by providing a platform for local musicians with limited opportunities to perform and showcase their talent.

The interior designing of the cafe was actually done in-house, by the owners themselves. The ambience at Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe is down to earth and simple, an ideal location for a cosy gathering for friends and families for some good quality ice cream and a cup of coffee

By working with KopiPass, Madcow & Ice Cream Music Cafe hopes to not only increase the exposure of their cafe but also to promote the cafe hopping culture in the local scene.

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Sweet Treats with Suzette Cafe

The newest addition to the Lola’s group of cafe is Suzette cafe, which specializes in bakes and pastries while the Lola and On The Table Cafe focuses on brunch food.

Behind this newest kid on the block are the exact same couple behind the other two cafes, the passion for the F&B industry indeed!

“Suzette is our newest concept: Suzette is a thoughtfully curated space created for people to come and enjoy a great cup of coffee and creative, comforting and gratifying desserts. It’s the first coffee and dessert bar for us. One of our main driving force in staying in the F&B industry, is the joy and fulfillment that comes from throwing ourselves into the craft of our food that we make.

This was one of the reasons for opening up a niche concept like Suzette as well: we hope to dedicate ourselves to the craft of desserts and coffee” – June Tan, co-owner of Suzette Cafe.

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So what does Kaw Kaw Cafe stand for? “In Hokkien ‘Gao’ means ‘thick’ which describes our patty. At Kaw Kaw SG we believe in serving our food big, bold and beautifully yummy!” – Hafiz Hanifah, Restaurant Manager of Kaw Kaw SG.

Founded by 3 siblings with the same passion in the F&B industry, Kaw Kaw cafe was started with the intention to provide Good Burgers in the local halal food market which was lacking at that point of time. With no prior F&B experience, the siblings struggled with what first time cafe owners would face but they learnt from their experiences and striven forward which have gotten them where they are today.

Kaw Kaw SG also aims to be the platform to showcase emerging local artists and talented musicians by providing them with the ultimate venue for them to perform. Performance are scheduled every fortnight.

The halal-certified burger joint is actually opened by the folks at Makanstate group, with the aim to become the leading halal food group through the active sourcing for halal food establishment and working with them on expanding their wings, beyond their region of operations. The goal is to elevate the halal food industry to a global level, making it accessible to all Muslims around the world, particularly Singapore.

They chose to work with KopiPass as this platform allows them to share their love for food and drinks with everybody.

On The Table

A sister cafe of Lola’s Cafe, On The Table was started by two SMU alumni with a passion for the Food & Beverage Industry. Owners Choo Kiat & June had their first taste of F&B industry where he ran a student cafe in SMU while she helped out at a neighborhood bakery.

It was the gratification and joy they found in the work they were doing then that spurred them on to take this unconventional path after graduating from SMU. One of the biggest challenge they faced was their inexperience and lack of knowledge on the industry norms which they feel is a double-edge sword as they are able to be more creative and innovative in problem solving without any preconceived industry practices. It has been a continuous learning process which have been fulfilling and rewarding for them.

On the table’s interior design is industrial and simple – bright yellow and black furniture against off-white walls. What differentiates them would be a core philosophy that runs through all their cafes (Lola, OTT and their newest venture, Suzette) to put creative, comforting and value for money food and drinks on the table and to strive to treat their customers, staffs and suppliers with authenticity.

“It is pretty fun for customers to have a card that introduces them to the different cafes in Singapore and it feels like we are welcoming these people with a cup of coffee when they are first introduced to us” – June, co-owner of On The Table cafe on why they chose to work with KopiPass.

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Avenue Cafe

Avenue Cafe. Interior. Architecture.

Avenue Cafe is a new brand established to define-redefine lifestyle amidst architecture and interior infusing the affiliating aspects, whereby such services are practiced individually. “An ID firm being an ID firm”. Avenue Cafe will be Singapore’s 1st design destination that refines you with emerging contemporary lifestyles – architecture, interior design, furnishing and fashion immersed in a café allure.

Founded by three ex-school mates turned business partners, the owners of Avenue Cafe were previously trained in architecture specializing in interior design. With their passion for coffee and their speciality in interior designing, Avenue Cafe was born with the intention to provide a neutral ground to experience and understand more about interior designing without having to feel any sort of obligations, over a cup of coffee.

Aside from their quality coffee and desserts, Avenue Cafe aims to be an  “Avenue to Lifestyle and Interior Design” by creating an experimental platform for home-owners to explore in terms of different design possibilities, all over a cup of coffee. Besides soaking in the designs of the interior, we found out that most of the furnitures (including their sofas, lamps and even cushions) in-house are available for sale. Avenue Cafe is also a retail store featuring apparels and lifestyle products which can be purchased as well.

“It’s something that i personally will buy, so i support the idea” – Edmond, co-owner of Avenue Cafe’s response to why they chose to work with KopiPass. As coffee lovers themselves, the owners of Avenue Cafe decided to join the KopiPass team on this cafe hopping bandwagon.

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Doi Chaang Coffee

Not to be mistaken for Vietnamese coffee, Doi Chaang Coffee Singapore actually originated from Doi Chaang Village, located in the mountainous region of the Chang Rai province of Northern Thailand. Interestingly, the reason why coffee farming started in this village was due to their king mandating the eradication of opium crops in in 1983.

The farmers were then given the highest quality of Arabica coffee plants as they embarked on this new produce. With the optimal conditions of climate, soil composition and geographical position, coffee cultivation soon flourished and became well-established throughout Thailand.

You’ll be surprised to discover that Tracy, the owner of the master franchise for Doi Chaang Coffee in Singapore, was never a coffee drinker herself! At least, not until Doi Chaang coffee. In fact, she tried her very first cup of Doi Chaang Coffee while travelling and was so amazed by the taste and aroma of that cuppa that she knew that she had to bring it back to Singapore.

After obtaining the master franchise from Thailand, Doi Chaang begun its operations in Singapore.

Doi Chaang Coffee has also been honoured with various certifications globally such as USDA Organic, fair trade and geographical indications (GI). Besides, it is shade grown, handpicked, fresh water washed and sun dried. Each bean is hand sorted and freshly roasted to ensure the highest possible quality for each cup of Doi Chaang Coffee. Naturally low in caffeine, it has a complex and flavourful profile that is enhanced and released through detailed cultivating, processing and roasting methods.

One thing to note though, Doi Chaang offers much more than the premium quality of their specialty coffee. They also go beyond fair trade gifting 50% of their profits to the Doi Chaang coffee farmer community in Thailand.

“I felt that KopiPass was a good initiative to promote coffee culture in Singapore” shared Tracy when asked what made her participate in KopiPass.

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Fleur Cafe

Cafe. Flora. Events

Inspired by co-founder Eusniati’s love for all things floral, the cafe was named Fleur, flower in french. Having been in the catering and flower architectural space for many years, she desired to create a physical space where she could put into play all of her creative and culinary expertise. This took the form of Fleur Cafe, as she partnered her husband, Ashaari, who brought along his wealth of experience on training and people management.

The husband and wife tag team both grew up in families that were experienced in the F&B scene and they figured that a cafe would be the ideal medium for them to channel their experience. Soon after, Amali, a trainer at Sunrise for Latte Art, joined the team and expanded their drink menu.

The cafe, to the owners, is more than a food establishment. It’s a place to build relationships. It’s a place to nourish the mind with the ingredients and cooking methods aim to enhance your mental well-being. Ashaari shared “We are not in the food business serving people, we are in the people business serving food”.

Walk into this quaint cafe situated within a boutique hotel and you will experience the difference from the way the staff greets you to their interior floral decor which Eusniati herself has personally architectured. They also have a unique menu that boasts both delicious and wholesome food that contains no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG. Their satay dish is made from scratch and upon order to deliver maximum freshness.

The cafe owners also believe in doing good while doing good business. They actually obtain their coffee beans for their cold brew coffee directly from farmers in Vietnam, while paying them the premium that the coffee traders command, as part of their social enterprise to help to improve the economic position of coffee farmers in Vietnam.

“It is quite a good initiative, it is the first time right?” was what the owners said when asked why they chose to take part in KopiPass.

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Coffee Nowhere

Coffee Nowhere (Coffee nowhere else, but here)

Coffee Nowhere: Coffee No Where? Coffee Now Here? Coffee No Where is Now Here.

Started by 3 partners with a common passion for coffee, it all began one day when they met up at a cafe after they went to church, “Eh! why not we open one ourselves la”. After much deliberation, they decided to test their business model with the launch of their very first Coffee Nowhere Cafe in Taman Gaya, Johor in 2013.

“We were blessed”, said Daniel, CEO of Coffee Nowhere. What started out as a full-fledged 3-storey cafe building with their own academy and roastery at Taman Gaya Ulu Tiram in 2013 eventually grew and expanded with the addition of a wholesale roastery at Austin Perdana facility. After their success in Johor, the team behind Coffee Nowhere decided to open their first flagship store in Singapore in 2014 at West Coast Plaza and expanded to another branch in Tampines as well.

Coffee Nowhere desires to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere for their customers to indulge in as they savour the best of specialty coffee, to leave a lasting impression and to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Basically, a place for everyone and anyone to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Looking for a space to study, hold a meeting or even organize an event? Coffee Nowhere’s “Coffice Spot” provides you with what you need and more – Free Wifi, iMac Desktops and even a Copier Printer!

With their very own brew bar, Coffee Nowhere also conducts in-house barista training and coffee appreciation classes as well at very reasonable pricing. Their specialty coffee beans is now available for purchase on their online store at !

“KopiPass is a good initiative, to promote cafe lifestyle experience”, said CEO Daniel, when asked why they chose to work with KopiPass.

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Old School Delights

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Did you know Old School Delights started with a bowl of Mee Siam in 2010?

A family recipe that was founded since 1988, it spurred Co-owner, Aaron Teo, to embark on an F&B journey with the birth of Old School Delights Cafe. Similar to how it all began, Old School Delights aims to bring to bring about a “nostalgic and delightful” experience with their heritage and local comfort food. The ambience is classic yet simple with nondescript, concrete flooring and chalkboard to illustrate the yesterdays.

When we asked what differentiates Old School Delights from the rest, this was what co-owner Olivia said: “We want to share with people the kind of food which we eat at home. Most of our food is made from scratch, including our pastes, sauces, sambal, cakes and even our chendol. It is definitely more laborious but this is what Old School Delights represents- food cooked with love and passion”

While some might be unwilling to pay the relatively higher prices for the rather conventional hawker dishes, the taste of the food, ambience and services is priceless.

“It would be quite fun to get onboard KopiPass, to try and see where this leads” – Choon Chye, co-owner of Old School Delights.

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