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Zero Effort Marketing
Being a part of the KopiPass App brings customers in the door with no effort on your part.
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KopiPass users are mostly coffee and cafe lovers who loves to explore specialty cafes just like yours

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76%* of KopiPass users are likely to purchase additional signature dishes apart from drink redemptions


Here’s our community of independent specialty cafes that’s on-board the KopiPass program.

KopiPass has brought cafe hopping to a different level by not only allowing coffee lovers to enjoy their cuppa at a wallet friendly price but also turning it into a try-them-all adventure. It was an added motivation for the card holders to visit our cafe and also publicity for The Assembly Ground.

Thank you good folks behind Kopipass, it was indeed a great initiative and partnership!

The Assembly Ground

KopiPass has brought cafe hopping to a different level by introducing never heard of cafes to its consumers and also allowing them to purchase coffees at a much reasonable rate. This in turn help cafes gain more publicity and allows consumers to give their coffee a try.

We were glad that we had quite a number of cafe hoppers visiting Laneway Market during this period. Some even remained as regular customers!

The Laneway Market

By supporting KopiPass, you guys did a brilliant work to channel people to our restaurant and as a bonus, I think about 80% of KopiPass users who redeemed their well deserved drink here are from the non-Malay Muslim community which helps us spread our wings!

Kaw Kaw SG by Makan State


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