Enjoy More Than 60 Free Drinks At Over 60 Curated Cafes Island-Wide!
60+ Cuppas For Just $60

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KopiPass – Singapore National Cafe Hopping Trail
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With an Annual Membership, you can redeem one free drink per cafe (any drink worth up to $6 each) from 60 to 120 participating cafes island-wide within one entire year! $360 to $720 worth of drinks for just $60!


As a member, you are entitled to participating cafes’ special promotions such as 10% off total bill and festive deals throughout the year.


The most popular signature dishes are curated from each cafe so that you can simply hop and enjoy the best dishes on their menu. No more asking around for recommendations!


The app connects you to an extensive listing of independent cafes in Singapore, so you don’t have to google for your next cafe spot or trawl through pages of scattered cafe listings and blogs.


Search and filter via your own criteria such as closest distance to your current location, opening hours, brunch availability, free wifi, power sockets, alfresco seating and more!


Get instant directions to any cafe that you plan to visit via the integrated map function. Never get lost hopping to that elusive and ulu cafe anymore. Hello Seletar Aerospace Park!

Pre-Order Now to Get 3 Extra Months Free!

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Here’s our curated list of unique independent cafes where you can cafe hop to redeem your cuppa drink! We will launch in mid Oct 2017 with over 50 participating cafes and add on 3 to 5 cafes every month!

Pre-Order Now To Get 3 Extra Months Free!

Pre-Order NOW!



Pre-Order Now. Download iOS or Android App from mid Oct 2017. Activate Membership.


Hop to any of the 60+ cafes on-board from mid Oct 2017 onwards


Redeem for any drink below $6. One drink per cafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pre-orders work?

Simply pre-order now, and download either iOS or Android app from mid Oct 2017 onwards. We will email you when the app is available for download, along with an activation code to activate your membership.

Where and when can i download the app?

KopiPass App iOS and Android versions will be available for download from mid Oct 2017 onward from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What are the drinks that I am entitled to?

You can redeem for any drinks that is listed as $6 and below at individual cafe’s menu! Be it hot, iced, coffee, tea or juices, it’s your choice!

I don’t drink coffee, but I like discovering new cafes. Is the KopiPass for me?

Yes, definitely! We are more about cafe hopping than coffee drinking. You can redeem for all drinks that is $6 and below from the cafe’s menu. And all cafes have non-coffee options for you to choose from!

Can I redeem my drink more than once at a cafe?

One pass only entitles to one complimentary drink per cafe. However, you can redeem each cafe’s exclusive promotions on food and drinks on your first and subsequent visits.

What is the validity period of KopiPass?

Currently, we are offering an annual membership with validity that starts upon purchase/activation. For pre-orders, you can activate your membership anytime from mid Oct 2017 onwards. For example, if you activate on 15th Oct 2017, it will then be valid till 15th Oct 2018.

Who are the team behind KopiPass?

KopiPass is the brainchild of Jason Su, Jerry Ng & Bob Lee. A trio of café hunters out on a mission to introduce the local indie coffee culture to fellow coffee lovers and cafe hoppers!

Got more questions?

Simply email us at and we’d be happy to help!

How can I join the program as a cafe owner?

Simply contact us at or click here for more info.

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